BRENMOOR to attend Arab Health 2010

BRENMOOR to attend Arab Health 2010

BRENMOOR, who currently supply 70% of UK hospitals with printed identification wristbands to ensure their patients are correctly identified throughout their stay in hospital, are looking to introduce the practice in the Middle East.

Every day throughout the world thousands of hospital patients are victims of identification breakdowns and errors of various degrees. This can result in major problems with transfusion, drug administering, specimen collection and point of care testing.

Providing a cost effective but high quality solution, BRENMOOR’s identification band contains a barcode, the patients name and their date of birth and can help reduce identification errors.

They have been designed following consultation with healthcare staff and have been approved by the National Patient Safety Agency for distribution through NHS Supply Chain.

The bands are easy to print, extremely comfortable for the patient and are resistant to soaps, alcohol, water and other commonly used chemicals used in hospitals.

There are a wide range of ID bracelets available including those for general patient use, short to medium term stays in hospital and ones specially designed for children.

BRENMOOR is the only British and European manufacturer and supplier of printable wristbands to the NHS and is keen to introduce their pioneering range of wristbands and hospital bracelets into new global markets.

The company is attending Arab Health 2010 in January (Dubai) and will use the exhibition as a platform to raise awareness and promote the benefits of printed ID bracelets, as well as meeting new potential business partners from across the Middle East.

Paul Brennan of BRENMOOR says:

Between February 2006 and January 2007, the National Patient Safety Agency Advice in the UK received over 24,000 reports of patients being wrongly identified and mismatched with their care. This can be distressing for patients and for staff and can result in serious, lasting harm, such as chronic pain, undiagnosed cancers, blindness and even death. There is an urgent need to reduce identification errors in the vast majority of hospitals throughout the world and we believe that printed identification bands will provide that solution, ensuring the right patient gets the right care.

Arab Health is the largest medical technologies fair in the world and will be taking place between 25th and 28th January 2010. Throughout the show BRENMOOR will be looking for potential new partners to represent them within the UAE and beyond.


Notes to editors:
  • BRENMOOR are UK based designers, manufacturers and suppliers of innovative patient identification solutions
  • They supply over 70% of UK hospitals with patient identification products including their patented printed hospital bracelets and a range of hospital labels
  • Recent product launches have included their MHRA compliant blood bag tag and hypoallergenic SKIN ID label
  • They have partnerships with a number of medical supply companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to distribute BRENMOOR products to a wider audience
  • All BRENMOOR products are designed to ensure that the right patient receives the right care and prevent deaths and injuries from misidentification
  • All Patient ID products are available Direct from BRENMOOR, through NHS Supply Chain and from one of our Worldwide Distribution partners

A BRENMOOR printed hospital wristband is applied to a patient somewhere in the world every 4 seconds to ensure that they stay safe and remain positively identified!

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