Print Management Software

Throughout the NHS and in UK private hospitals our range of hospital bracelets and labels can be printed directly from the Patient Administration System (PAS) without the need for additional ‘stand-alone’ print management software.

For all other users we recommend HiruMed’s LMS (Label Management System) software, which has been designed exclusively with BRENMOOR to work with our patient id solutions.

HiruMed have been producing trusted software for the healthcare industry for many years. Their systems provide a versatile, simple way of printing to our hospital wristbands and hospital label stationary. A selection of  templates are pre-installed to work exclusively with our full product range.

HiruMed LMS is very economically priced and allows clear concise text to be printed in exactly the correct position and in just a few seconds.

By using fully user definable templates, HiruMed LMS can print on a wide range of materials using any label printer supporting the EPL, ZDL & TSC label scripting formats.

Software Features:
  • Quick and easy to install and configure
  • Requires no network connection to hospital patient administration systems
  • Supplied with a selection of templates to print the complete range of BRENMOOR products
  • Provides an audit of historical print transactions
  • User interface is fully configurable, enabling customisation to meet local needs
  • Will print to devices from various manufacturers when connected to the same PC using a single license
System Requirements:
  • IBM or 100 percent compatible
  • IBM PC running Windows XP or greater
  • 10 MB of free disk space
  • CD-ROM and a minimum of 1 appropriate printer port
  • Suitable direct thermal transfer printer
For More Information

If you require additional information on printing to our range of patient identification products, require software licences for HiruMed Label Management System or wish to be sent sample products or organise a trial, you can contact us on 0845 807 1090 or email us via the contact page.