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BRENMOOR Product Range

Adult Hospital Wristbands:

FAST100 – best-selling adult hospital bracelets
FAST100 LCB – low-cost adult hospital bracelets
FAST1STB – SATO-compatible adult hospital bracelets
FAST15 – ultra-slim adult hospital bracelets
FAST15STB – ultra-slim SATO-compatible adult hospital bracelets
FAST ALLERGY – medical-alert adult hospital bracelets
ECO100 – economy adult printable hospital bracelets
ECO100-Z – narrow adult printable hospital bracelets
ECO200-TAB-25 – low-cost adult printable hospital bracelets
ECO200-1061 – tabbed adult identification hospital bracelets
UNI-SOFT - extra care adult printable hospital bracelets
UNIVERSAL - medical-alert adult bracelets
NIL by MOUTH - medical-alert adult bracelets

Childs Paediatric Hospital Wristbands:

BABYSOFT 250 - extra-soft neonatal hospital bracelets
BABYSOFT 250N - ultra-slim, soft neonatal hospital bracelets
TODFAST – premium childs paediatric hospital bracelets
TODFAST LCB – low-cost childs paediatric hospital bracelets
INFAFAST – babies hospital bracelets
INFAFAST LCB – low-cost babies hospital bracelets
INFAFAST ALLERGY - medical-alert paediatric hospital bracelets
INFA125 – sticker-seal baby paediatric hospital bracelets
INFASOFT – self-adhesive soft paediatric hospital bracelets
NIL by MOUTH - medical-alert child bracelets

RFID Hospital Wristbands:

Adult RFID hospital wristbands
Childs RFID hospital wristbands

VIVID! Coloured Hospital Wristbands:

VIVID! coloured hospital wristbands - clasp fastening
VIVID! coloured hospital wristbands - self-sealing

Hospital Labels:

SKIN ID direct-to-skin labels
INFA labels for handwritten wristbands
CAMEO Labels
Paper hospital labels
Heat-sensitive paper hospital labels
Polyester hospital labels
Heat-sensitive polypropylene hospital labels
Freezer-proof hospital labels

Blood Bag Tags:

Blood bag tag identification labels

Single-use Tourniquets:

Tournistrip®eco economical single-use tourniquet

Code 39 Labels:

Code 39 Haemonetics BloodTrack labels

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