About us

What We Do and How We Do It

BRENMOOR are a global leader in patient and blood transfusion identification. Supplying the UK’s NHS and Private Hospitals and hospitals worldwide through specific and carefully chosen partners.

The BRENMOOR hospital identification product range includes solutions for identifying patients, samples and blood bags for safe blood transfusion. BRENMOOR’s range of printable wristbands are market leaders in UK private and NHS hospitals.

Globally BRENMOOR chooses partner organisations that have the same emphasis on quality that the healthcare market needs. With partners in Europe, The Middle East, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand hospitals worldwide easily gain access to clear, practical advice and products.

BRENMOOR invest heavily on research and development to ensure the company stays one step ahead of all competitors. The solutions are designed and manufactured in the UK whilst many aspects of the products are protected by patents in both the UK and other countries.

With easy to understand pricing structures and products that work and are matched exactly to their requirements BRENMOOR remain the medical identification company to trust.

BRENMOOR design products to work in a variety of printers and does not align to a single printer manufacturer. This allows hospitals that use the range to work with the printers of their choice.

Patents, new products, innovative designs, continued product development and maximum patient comfort have all helped to ensure that BRENMOOR continue to push the barriers on hospital and patient identification.

Offering solutions to the global issue of misidentified patients, samples and blood products BRENMOOR’s range help hospitals increase patient safety, comfort, cut down costs and reduce both error’s and bed days.