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Below you will find answers to many of the common questions our customers have previously asked about our range of patient identification products.

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A printed patient identification bracelet or blood bag tag offers secure readable text that can be printed straight from the hospital system reducing the possibility of human error.A printed barcode adds an extra dimension of patient safety by allowing drugs, procedures and blood products to be electronically cross-checked which in turn again reduces the possibility of human error.

BRENMOOR hospital bracelets are slightly more expensive than traditional hand-written bracelets, however, the patient information is legible for the whole stay of the patient, the bracelets last longer,  the information is printed straight from the hospital system reducing the chance of human error and barcodes can easily be added to help improve patient safety.

It is highly likely that using a single-piece printable blood bag tag will be more cost-effective than a label, tag and some method of attaching this tag to the unit of blood.

The patient hospital bracelets & blood bag tags are easily printed with text, barcodes and images.

No, all of BRENMOOR’s hospital bracelets and blood bag tags are produced from heat sensitive materials and the surface will turn black when heat is applied in the printer. This produces clear text and barcodes.

Yes, all of the BRENMOOR hospital bracelets and blood bag tags offer a high resistance to alcohol, soaps, fluids and water without the use of a laminate cover.

Yes, the hospital bracelets fully accept any barcode formats you choose to work with.

Even though our bracelets are a full 25mm longer than most of our competitors on rare occasions you may need a larger version. Simply print another wristband and attach both together with an extra clasp.

We have purposely developed a larger clasp so that it reduces the chance of pressure sores. Using basic physics this reduces pounds per square inch pressure.

The standard patient id products we supply on rolls are designed and manufactured to be used in a wide variety of thermal printers. These include but are not restricted to SATO, Zebra (2824, 2844 & G-Series), TEC, Brother, Citizen & Avery. There is no need to use thermal ribbon as we manufacture all of the products from heat sensitive material.

We manufacture our bracelets in a variety of colours. The colours you see on the site are the most popular wristband colours used. We can however, produce them in any colour.

The name of your organisation can be printed onto the hospital wristband during manufacture; however, it is also possible for you to add the name to your print template which could be printed as the patient details are produced.

To set up the blood bag tags and patient identification bracelets is not complicated. Most hospitals currently produce labels printed with patient information using a thermal printer. As the printer assumes that the patient wristband or blood bag tag is a large standard label all that is required is a simple change to a current label template that incorporates this new label size.

If you require any additional help with connecting the thermal printer to your network, we can put you in touch with organisations that will quickly be able to help you.

The patient id bracelets can be used with HiruMed’s LMS printing software – a very economically priced package that has been specifically written to print patient information onto BRENMOOR hospital wristbands and labels by the user.

We would be delighted to send out samples of any of our products, please use the ‘Request a Sample” button located on every page of our website.

All BRENMOOR patient identification bracelets and blood bag tags are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

All BRENMOOR patient bracelets and blood bag tags are manufactured from products that do not contain natural latex.

We will offer help and guidance that you will find invaluable as you set up the system. We will also supply you with free products as you set up templates and show colleagues how easy the patient identification solutions are to use.

Thermal printers are incredibly versatile, they can be used to not only print wristbands and blood bag tags, but also print standard thermal labels for patient notes and files.

Yes, all of our products are sold in small manageable boxes (500 for wristbands & 800 for blood bag tags). They can be purchased in any volume.