Improved blood bag tag design

Following the initial success of the first version of the patented Blood Bag tag BRENMOOR have re-designed the product to add even more functionality.

Blood unit identification is an area that is governed by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and the tag complies with all aspects of their guidance.

As hospitals move to identify units of fluid or blood as efficiently as possible the advantages of the tag are immediately recognisable. They are simple to use and implement are economically priced, print without inks and have no need for luggage tags and string to attach them to the unit of fluid.

The tag includes a number of removable labels and perforated sections, all designed to ensure that the transfusion of the unit is easily, quickly and safely recorded. Each blood bag identification tag is supplied completely blank which allows the individual hospital to design an individual template to print onto the tag.

A number of UK and worldwide hospitals are already using the standard newly designed tag. Brenmoor have also made alterations to the tag and produced bespoke versions for a specific application or method of working after a request from an individual or group of hospitals.

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Notes to editors:
  • BRENMOOR are UK based designers, manufacturers and suppliers of innovative patient identification solutions
  • They supply over 70% of UK hospitals with patient identification products including their patented printed hospital bracelets and a range of hospital labels
  • Recent product launches have included their MHRA compliant blood bag tag and hypoallergenic SKIN ID label
  • They have partnerships with a number of medical supply companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to distribute BRENMOOR products to a wider audience
  • All BRENMOOR products are designed to ensure that the right patient receives the right care and prevent deaths and injuries from misidentification
  • All Patient ID products are available Direct from BRENMOOR, through NHS Supply Chain and from one of our Worldwide Distribution partners

A BRENMOOR printed hospital wristband is applied to a patient somewhere in the world every 4 seconds to ensure that they stay safe and remain positively identified!

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