BRENMOOR supports global health services during COVID-19

Amid a major concern over the global spread of the Coronavirus, our Senior Management have investigated all details that can be of potential risk on our Supply Chain and how this may affect our performance and service levels to our customers.

We are pleased to confirm that at this time we have no concerns over our ability to supply stock SKUs or bespoke items in the next 20+ weeks. We believe that the probability of disruption is very minimal.

Our supply chain model is using robust replenishment strategies on ready products and materials which is the reason why we feel very positive at this time.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will inform all our customers if anything changes in the coming weeks. As in all our business dealings, we will be open and straight-forward in our handling of this matter and won’t hesitate to inform you as soon as possible should circumstances change.

Here, at BRENMOOR our team all strongly feel that our honesty, integrity and responsibility to provide top level service are our daily focus and we will not look to compromise in any circumstances throughout this challenging period.

Providing excellent and uncompromising customer service remains our daily focus.


Paul Brennan, Managing Director

Michael Moorhouse, Managing Director