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BRENMOOR printable wristbands are used in more UK hospitals than any other printable wristbands. On the back of the success of the wristbands Brenmoor have released new products that hospitals now trust and rely on as much as they do the wristbands.

PATscan replicates the patient information held on a wristband onto another wristband or label by simply scanning the barcode. It takes less than a second for the label to print an exact replica of the patient demographic onto this new label. It is quicker and more accurate than hand writing tube or sample labels as the chance of human error is completely removed.

Blood Bag Tag’s are a quick and economical method of identifying the contents of a blood bag whilst at the same time complying with every aspect of the MHRA guidelines. Older methods of identifying the blood bags involved printing labels, sticking them to luggage tags before then securing the luggage tag to the blood bag by either string or cable ties. The blood bag tags can also be used just as succesfully to identify other fluid bags in hospitals such as saline, drugs and food suppliments. There is significent interest in these products from abroad and Brenmoor have applied for world wide patents.

STAB labels are a patented designed to be stuck to human skin without causing any inflamation of the skin. They are fully printable with text and barcodes and can also be used together with PATscan when in theatres and a wristband requires removal.

Michael Moorhouse of BRENMOOR says:

These three products are an exciting addition to our range and continue to help nursing staff, blood banks, pharmacy and labs to cut both costs and time. Bed days will be reduced as a result of hospitals implementing these products which is a massive aim of the NHS.


Notes to editors:
  • BRENMOOR are UK based designers, manufacturers and suppliers of innovative patient identification solutions
  • They supply over 70% of UK hospitals with patient identification products including their patented printed hospital bracelets and a range of hospital labels
  • Recent product launches have included their MHRA compliant blood bag tag and hypoallergenic SKIN ID label
  • They have partnerships with a number of medical supply companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to distribute BRENMOOR products to a wider audience
  • All BRENMOOR products are designed to ensure that the right patient receives the right care and prevent deaths and injuries from misidentification
  • All Patient ID products are available Direct from BRENMOOR, through NHS Supply Chain and from one of our Worldwide Distribution partners

A BRENMOOR printed hospital wristband is applied to a patient somewhere in the world every 4 seconds to ensure that they stay safe and remain positively identified!

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